How does bitcoin work

How Bitcoin works – The Most Effortless Explanation

Each time time a user sends bitcoin to another person, the transactions are bundled and encrypted into blocks.

why do initial coin offerings fail?

3 Major Mistakes ICOs continue to make

The Initial Coin offering is first crucial milestone of a blockchain start up as this will allow them to raise the capital to fund the company and the project for the next few years.

Why banks are very interested in Blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology in banking- Why banks are investing

Accenture did a survey involving 32 banking professionals and they found out that 9 out of 10 banks were exploring block chain.

What are smart contracts

What are Smart Contracts? A Non-Tech Explanation

Smart contracts are a way to create complex transactions between untrusted individuals.

Cryptocurrency crowdfunding

ICO vs IPO vs VCI – What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between:
ICO - Initial Coin Offering
IPO - Initial Public Offering
VCI - Venture Capital Investments (Angel Investors) - Why are Venture Capitalist investing in ICOs?

What is an initial coin offering

What is an ICO? The Easy Version

Running an ICO is the fastest way to raise large sums quickly for tech businesses.