Weedcoin Coin Review : Potcoin vs Cannabiscoin


Why not use Bitcoin or ETH?

Cannibiscoin and Potcoin are both are derived from the Bitcoin protocol and in simple terms, this means that have similar technical specifications to Bitcoin.

Because of their names, the marijuana market identified more easily to Potcoin and Cannabiscoin.

This facilitated the adoption of these digital coins.

Potcoin and Cannabiscoin are also more affordable to users than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Current Problem in the US Marijuana Industry

As of 2018, 9 states have legalized the sale of Marijuana for both medical and recreational but the federal government still considers any association with cannabis illegal.

As a result, shop owners and medical marijuana dispensaries do not have access to bank accounts and basic banking facilities.

In fact, the businesses and dispensaries carry a lot of cash-in-hand and they are often victims to theft and burglary.

And because of this, they have to keep their cash in vaults or armored vehicles to avoid getting robbed.

Cannasbiscoin vs Potcoin review - The Problem with the marijuana industry is that the shop owners and businesses are forced to keep their money in vaults and armored vehicles

Potcoin and Cannabiscoin are both trying to solve these banking limitations while governments figure out how to catch up.

Brief Market Overview

recent article on Forbes Magazine( based on a report from Arcview Market Research) reported that most of the world legal sales of Marijuana comes from the US.

However, the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board reported that the UK produces and exports 44.9% of the world’s total export.

Nonetheless, the  U.S. Legal Marijuana industry is booming as the states are gradually recognizing the industry.

Canada is also expected to legalize recreational cannabis in 2018 and this is likely to considerably impact the market according an INBC report.

Finally, cryptocurrency investors are particularly interested in them because they are very sensitive to news.

Cannabiscoin and Potcoin are technically very different

Potcoin vs Cannabiscoin

How are they similar?

  • Potcoin and Cannabiscoin are derived from Bitcoin.
  • The are both also trying to solve basic banking problems the US Cannabis market is currently facing.
  • These two cryptocurrencies can both  have the potential to solve the budgeting problems states because returns and taxes will be monitored more efficiently through blockchain technology.

Cannabis coin and Potcoin were both founded in 2014 while honoring 402 during their launch.

  1. Potcoin was created on January 21,2014 exactly at 4:20 p.m through Github.
  2. Cannabiscoin was created on 20 April 2014 but launched on May 2014.

To conclude, Potcoin and Cannsbiscoin both want to be the official Cannabis coin of the Marijunana industry.

Cannabiscoin(CANN) –#Yes we CANNBitcoin is the cryptocurrency of which Potcoin and Cannabiscoin are based off

Mission: The CannabisCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for the Cannabis Community.

Cannabiscoin Facts:

  1. Cannabiscoin is based off the Bitcoin Protocol and forked from Peercoin.
  2. It is backed by Marijuana Exclusive Strains which means that each coin is backed by real Medical Marijuana Grown by Cannasbiscoin Marijuana Cultivators (CANNdy).
  3. The Cannabiscoin creators tweaked this coin’s algorithm to be ASIC resistant.

Cannabiscoin can easily mined by basic hardware which means that anybody can mine the coins with a simple computer.

Cryptocurrency investors are very interested in Cannabiscoin and Potcoin

Potcoin (POT) – Bigger and Bolder 

Mission (potcoin.com):

Potcoin aims to become the banking system and infrastructure this industry so desperately needs.

To be the digital currency that allows cannabis enthusiasts to interact, transact, communicate and grow together.

Potcoin Facts:

  1. Nearly identical to Litecoin which means that they are easier to use for everyday transactions.
  2. Potcoin offers Staking (5 % interest).
  3. Potcoin has 800 ATMs in Over 35 Countries as at Oct 2017.

The risks of buy on investing in weedcoins :

Before investing in these weedcoins, it is important check the latest legal legislations in your home country.

Remember that even though crypto currencies are not be regulated in your country, cannabis is still considered an illicite substance in many countries.

So the local government may consider the possession of these coins illegal as a form of drug trafficking.

Potcoin and Cannabiscoin might be illegal in some countries